the view from my kitchen window

Friday, January 8, 2010


It would seem that when January of a new year rolls around we tend to say we're going to do certain things, make changes in our lives, etc. We have good intentions and sometimes can carry it off for a while. Depending on what the "thing" is determines how well and/or how long we can carry it off.
I don't really make "resolutions" but I try to look at the new year with renewed hope and anticipation of things to come, of the things that God is going to do in my life, in my family and in the world around me. In 2009 I started, and completed, a year-long plan for reading through the entire Bible . . . what a rewarding and enriching experience. I started the plan all over again because there is SO MUCH in the Bible that I will NEVER "get" it all and I hope to grow even more by reading through it again. I do the same with the "My Utmost for His Highest" devotional collection written by Oswald Chambers. I have read that each year through and through for many years. I have dog-eared the pages that really impacted me the first time through . . . they still impact me. I still gain insights through those devotional writings.
I look forward to continued work on all the creative projects that I enjoy. I look forward to more time in our mountains this summer; to the commitment that I have with my daughter, Robin, to the breast cancer awareness events that we do every year; to time with my husband, Bill, as we continue to work on our creative projects, do Farmers Market, raise a garden, hang out toether and generally annoy each other as we have lovingly done for 41 years; to time with our son Jeremy and watching him embrace life and people around him as only he can.
I will continue to walk my long power walks . . . I call them "wogs" because they sometimes including some jogging. I will continue to play the piano, to sing, to enjoy my canine companion and friend, Bramble and the comfort of the cozy little house that the Lord has graciously provided us with. I will continue to mow the lawn and let the fragrance of cut grass envelope me; to plant a garden and enjoy the scent of good, ole garden dirt and derive pleasure of having dirt under my fingernails and on my bare feet as I work in my garden and flower beds . . . and then sit on our deck in the evening and relish the clean air, the cool Colorado climate and the gorgeous view of "our" mountains!!!
I will continue to love my Farmgirl Connection farmgirl friends and cherish those friendships . . . and pray for them. I will continue to care for my sister . . . and pray that the Lord will continue to give us the hope that only He can give.
I will continue to find myself on my knees before my Creator, my Shepherd, my Healer, my Comforter, my Provider . . . my Saviour, Lord and King . . . thanking Him!!! Praising Him!!! Loving Him!!!