the view from my kitchen window

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Around here they say you can plant your garden when "the snow is off the Sleeping Ute". By that they mean the Sleeping Ute Mountain which is to the southwest of our house and right in the very SW corner of Colorado. It is on the Ute Mountain Ute Indian reservation and visible from our house to the SW.

USUALLY, the snow is off the mountain about now and, USUALLY, we have planted part of our garden (NOT the plants such as pepper, tomato, etc. because there is ALWAYS a late frost the first part of June)

We have had THREE days of rain, hail, snow . . well just about all there is that is called wet. As of this morning, Saturday, May 21st, this is what the Sleeping Ute Mountain looks like. Not only is the snow not OFF the mountain . . . it just received more.

Hmmmmmmmmm . . . .what's a garden-planting farmgirl to do??

Bill has tilled the garden, but he wants to till it again.  At first he said we needed to put the sprinkler on it first.  Well, not now!  We have to let it dry out now before he can till it again and fertilize it.   We know everything is in God's timing!!!!