the view from my kitchen window

Friday, February 7, 2014


While much of the country has been pounded, hammered and inundated with mountains of snow, frigid temperatures and folks are getting tired of it, we, in Southwest Colorado have been basking in our beautiful Colorado sunshine with barely a flake since early December.

We did have lots of rain in the fall, then just a bit of snow in early December . . . and then it got REALLY, REALLY cold.  It was a challenge to keep warm and our pellet stove was very busy gobbling up pellets to try to keep up.  By Christmas it had warmed up some but we still had no further snow.  January was dry, sunny and a bit warmer then usual and then we just watched our ground turn brown, bare and dry with DUSTY roads!

February comes and with it brings the blessing of snow.  Not tons and tons of it, but we now have hope and we're just praying that it makes major snow deposits in our mountains.   Last summer was a hot, dry, drought summer and we struggled to keep things irrigated.  We've all be praying this summer could be different.  Our major lakes and reservoirs are frighteningly low!

Today, we woke up to another fresh snowfall of about 4 inches with promise of more today.  For the third day in a row I've managed a "snow trudge" walk of three miles to enjoy the sweet, white stuff and give my legs a good workout.  You know that trudging through 5 or more inches of snow can be really good for your legs!  

Thank you, Lord, for the snow!!!