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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girlfriends . . and Broken Dishes

Further reading in "QUILTS FROM HEAVEN" this past week brought to me some information on the "Sunbonnet Sue" quilt pattern. Basically it was born out of the ladies quilting circles in the times where that was just about the only time a women had opportunity to talk with other ladies . . to share, to cry, to build peer relationships. It was about "girlfriends" and friendships. These REAL, TRUSTING relationships are kind of rare and so priceless. . . a true treasure.

Another pattern is that of "Broken Dishes" and the lesson here is how to make something beautiful out of broken pieces . . shattered dreams . . things in life we didn't want . . or plan.
Some of us have had to pick up the pieces from things that seem shattered beyond hope or repair. It is only by the incredible grace of God and His love . . .love we can never begin to describe, fathom or understand . . that we can draw on His strength, power and healing. If we can let His hand guide our hands and His heart beat through ours as we pick up the "broken dishes" we will see what beauty His Healing can create!!!