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Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Happy Birthday" to my MOM!

Pictures of my mom.  Left: when she was courting my dad and on the right, as a baby.  I'm not sure about the shoes.  She actually did watercolor of the pictures which, because of the era, were black and white.
March 29, 1914 is the day my mom, Evelyn Marguerite Gilman Gardner was born.  It would be her 98th birthday but she went to her heavenly home on February 6th, 1994 at the age of 79.  She had been fighting a long, difficult battle with a type of leukemia.  My mom was the perfect example of a farmwife and mother.  The only other work she did was teach piano lessons which earned her some extra money over the years. She was an excellent cook, seamstress, pianist, gardener, everything a farmwife would do . . . along with being the devoted wife to my dad, the hardworking farmer and mother to six of her own children and two foster children.   Mom knew how and taught us to sew, can, preserve, butcher chickens,  garden, bake, embroider, pull weeds, pick fruit  .  .  . well, the list goes on and on.  She loved music and helped four of six children learn music, all becoming very accomplished pianists, my older brother and I also learning to play the organ.  I also became a piano instructor, and occasionally, when my mom had a student that attained a certain advanced stage she would send them to me for further instruction.  What a compliment that was to me.  
Mom loved her family, she was just tickled with her grandchildren and "doted" on them.  She was a devoted wife and my parents celebrated 60 years marriage in December of 1993, just a couple months before mom went "home".   My mom loved the Lord and trained all of her children up in the Word of God and to love and serve the Lord.  
I miss her!   Happy Birthday, Mom!   Love you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the indescribable gift of . . .

. . . the relationship I have with my daughter, Robin!  Not only is she my daughter, she is my best friend, pal and confidant.  We have had the exquisite privilege of traveling together, working together, doing projects together and just growing together in our close relationship.  This picture was taken March 16, 2012 after we "dressed up" to go out for supper while on our Farmgirls on the Loose "Tent-Glamping" trip last week.  Basically "tent-glamping" is camping "girl" and "glamour" style with lacy, pretty things, REAL tablecloths, cloth napkins, china, crystal . . etc.  We are standing in our "glamp-site" canopy which was a combination of our boudoir, parlor, pantry and kitchen.  We had a tent set up as well and . . . yes, it was "glamped" up with lacy curtains, decorator pillows, crocheted afghans and such.  What a wonderful time we had together!!   We have already planned our next "tent-glamping" trip in early July.   Thank you Lord, for Robin and for the relationship you have blessed us with!  What a treasure!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

. . a Case from GRACE

This wonderful case came from my farmgirl friend, Grace . . aka "katmom".  She had a couple for sale and this is the one I decided on.  A Samsonite with mirror and pockets all around inside.  And she has "graced" it with her lavendar and a some lacy linen pieces.

Friday, March 9, 2012

and CASE #2

A lovely little "Christie Baggage" case with quilted fabric lining and mirror.  All "dressed up" with vintage gloves, lace and vanity set.  Be sure to read about more "Cases for Cases" below . . and check back for the next in the "series".

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The CASE for the "TRAIN CASE"

These adorable little "box-like" pieces of luggage were first used around 1948 and are called "train cases" because they were used for train travel, basically for carrying toiletries.  But nowadays there are some of us girls who just can't wait to get our hands on one to "cutesify", and load up it with all kinds of paraphernalia.  That could include all the "girlie" things that we think we need or want.  It could be embroidery, knitting, crocheting or other needlecraft projects and supplies.  It could be books, other reading material and writing supplies. It could be papercrafting/scrapbooking goodies.  But then it could also be goodies for going "glamping" with your very best girlfriend(s).   This case was actually one that belonged to (believe it or not) my father-in-law.  I didn't even know it existed until I showed my hubby a picture on ebay of one that was EXACTLY like one that went with the 1966 version of Monarch luggage that was given to me by my parents as high school graduation gift.   He told me he had one like it (the one on ebay) sitting in his shop.  Well, it was this one pictured here and it's not the same.  However, it is in excellent condition.  It was buried under this 'n' that, covered with dirt and sawdust.  I told him I was taking it so I did, cleaned it up and removed the contents which were items my father-in-law had stored in it which included an automobile mount CB radio . . remember those?.   Also some 22 ammo, pair of his clip-on sunglasses, case for his electric shaver . . .etc.  Now it's mine . . ALL MINE!!!  It's clean and ready for my "girlie" stuff to go "glamping" with my best friend, my daughter Robin!   AND, I'm buying one from a farmgirl friend that my daughter and I may just "cutesify" together.  AND, I found another one that is in good condition but missing the mirror (but the only one with a tray)  and needing an "inside job" . . meaning work on the inside.  Add that to a "Christie Baggage" brand one I found last summer that has the mirror and beautiful quilted red lining. . . .
As I told my farmgirl friend, the reason they call them "train cases" is that you get your hands on as many of them as you can, clean and/or "cutesify" them line 'em up and you have a "train of cases". 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Reflections on IRELAND

You can probably conclude from the name of the blogspot that I'm of Celtic ancestry.  Yes, I am . . Scottish and Irish!  I've traveled with my husband, on more than one occasion to the countries of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.  There are many things in all countries that are very similar but there are many differences. My maiden name is "Gardner" which is considered to be an "occupational" name.  Yes, my dad was a farmer, an orchardman and "gardener" . . as was my mom.  So, I grew up with farm dirt, farm work and all that growing up on a farm means between my bare toes, under my fingernails, on my face and wherever farm dirt . . and work can be!
When I've traveled to these countries of my ancestry it just feels like I'm home!  We especially liked staying in the "Farm B&Bs" which were homes on working farms where they had extra bedrooms for paid guests and always provided breakfast as well.
I took my Valentine decorations down and, in one area of my house, there are things specifically related to St. Patrick's Day.  But on my table I like to set it as would be typical in an Irish tea room with lacy linens, lovely cloth napkins and wonderful china.  In every tea room (and some of the pubs) that we visited in Ireland . . and the other countries for that matter . . we found the tables to be set with these placemats which are corkboard with wonderful (generally) colorful pictures on them.  I bought this set of Irish Cottages placemats on one of our trips to Ireland and like to use them from time to time. 
Our trips to Ireland were such wonderful opportunities and I will always cherish the memories, the momentos and photographs we have.  Remembering the places we were able to visit, the people we met, the food we enjoyed and the great "craic"!   The music is indescribable!  The mist on my face so refreshing . . . and then a cup of hot tea!!!   I'm hoping to visit again . . I know where my passport is!