the view from my kitchen window

Thursday, September 20, 2012


This apple tree is in our neighbor's orchard across the road and I just smile every time I look at it's little "bobbed haircut" look
It has been decades since I've had the decadent pleasure of actually savoring September!   I have worked in teaching and school jobs for many years and, as many teachers and school know, September is incredibly busy.  And, there is usually the bounty of harvest to tend to with cleaning out gardens, picking fruit, canning, freezing and whatever else one does to "put away".
For the past four years I have been working as a caregiver for my sister, and at the end of August, ended my career as her caregiver.  It has been an incredibly difficult journey and I know that I now just need to be her SISTER.   So, I'm trusting the Lord with our finances and what retirement we receive and the money I earn from my little "Farm Fresh Aprons" business.
We didn't plant a garden this year for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that we had such poor snowfall last winter we knew that irrigation would be an issue. For the first year in many, we just didn't plant . . . very out of character for me!  I love gardening!

Treasures from our farm and orchards where we raised lots of apples.
I am a power walker and have been for a very long time, so that is part of my daily routine . . . usually 4-5 miles each day.  I live in the country on part of what used to be our family farm and when I walk I enjoy the canal bank that takes me around the back side of our property and other neighbors.  I get to see deer, coyotes, geese, ducks, blue heron, rabbits, rock chucks and all kinds of other critters.  In the winter time I've seen elk and there are bear out and about, especially during the fruit harvest time.  And, of course, the less desirable furry creatures such as skunks and porcupine.

Old scale my dad used on the farm

My canine pal, Bramble, loves to go with me on our walks and to be outside on our place. So, we are out and about quite a bit and I am actually SAVORING September.   We are blessed with clean, fresh mountain air, gloriously clear and brilliant blue skies and I'm just loving that more and more.
Fall is my favorite season anyway, but this year I'm just grateful for the gift I've been given to not be harried by a busy, hectic job and not being able to get outside.  I'm grateful for the fact I don't have to slave over the stove with fruit peelings and pulp up to my earlobes.  While I enjoy the harvest and having all that wonderful food put away . . . I, honestly, am grateful to not be overloaded . . for the first time in a very, very long time.

Another scale my dad used, along with old wooden boxes and other goodies. In the picture below in the little red
basket are all the old stamps there were used to stamp the cardboard apple boxes with variety, size, etc. before
they went for sale.

The temperatures have cooled off, the scents and "feelings" of fall are in the air.  I finally had time to clean my house and put out my fall decorations and start lighting my fall scented candles . . mmmmm!   We are still in the midst of our Farmers Market season so I'm still sewing aprons for that and then it'll continue for some Christmas Bazaars, so my sewing machine is still busy.  But it's happier because I'm pulled in fewer directions and not so "hot and bothered" with the summer heat.
Yes, I'm savoring September!   Sweet, sweet September!!!
Thank you Lord, for September and for the TIME you've given me to slow down, drink . . and breathe . . it all in and just wrap myself in its sweetness!  And wrap myself in YOU, your grace, your love and all you are! 
 Thank you!