the view from my kitchen window

Saturday, December 14, 2013


African violet that was given to me in memory of my mother-in-law
Sharing a quote by Henry Drummond:
 "You will find as you look back upon your life, that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love".

I want to be remembered as a person who loved the Lord Jesus Christ, her family, her friends and who lived as an example of doing things in the spirit of love!

2013 is about finished and we can look forward to 2014 . . . with hope in our Lord and His plan   for us!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I collect angels, all kinds, shapes, sizes, styles . . . they remind me of the promises of God to protect us, to guard us, to love us and hold us close to His heart!

I also believe in the presence of angels in our lives . . . sent by God to watch over us!  I've seen real live evidence of the presence of angels in my life and I'm grateful to my God for sending them!

This folksy angel was given to me by my farmgirl friend, Debbie, who is also an angel in human form!

THANK YOU GOD . . . for ANGELS and the expression of  WHO YOU ARE  in their presence!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013


. . . is a GOD OF MIRACLES!!!

This big, beautiful Colorado Blue spruce tree is planted at the end of our driveway and is about 20 years old.  We planted it as a tiny little thing about 18 inches tall in the spring of 1994.  It was badly burned in an arson fire that burned down our house in July 1994.  My hubby trimmed off the burned branches/needles and we waited until the next year to see if was still living.  It was so sadly misshapen and we just didn't know if it would make it.

Our God of Miracles gave this tree the gift of renewed life!  It grew into the most stunningly beautiful, perfectly shaped evergreen tree!   It is so tall that it's had to have the very tippy top pruned off away from the power line.

It is a constant reminder that MY GOD is GOD!  He IS the God of MIRACLES!  He cares about us and loves us to more than we can understand here on earth!


Sunday, December 1, 2013

I NEED A "Middle C" . . .

 . . . but more than that, I need my YAHWEH!!

As a musician I know that the "middle C" pitch/key is basically the note on which others are built.  When determining proper pitch, you start with "middle C", and typically that is the first note that is taught/learned.  No matter what is "off key", out of sync, out nof rhythm, or just unwritten or unsung, "middle C" is the same, never changing.  I can count on it as a musician.

My "YAHWEH" is the GOD who is the "I AM" . . . unchanging, never moving, never wavering. Always loving, comforting, encouraging, healing, and is the total truth!  When my life seems off key, out of sync, out of rhythm or there are no words to describe it, I'm struggling with finding the "note" to sing and can't seem to get the "pitch" for the music of my life and my heart . . . I can go to and count on the "middle C" . . . MY YAHWEH!!!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

What a Year, this year of 2013

My last posting here was many months ago and it's startling to see how long it has been.  It has been a year of struggle with life, with issues and with understanding God's will and way.  But it has been a year of learning more and more about God's grace and love, His provision, mercies and unending patience!

My prayer is that I will be more trusting and faithful to Him, that I can let Him lead and not be concerned about the future, but be diligent to His call, to dig into His Word more deeply and to walk with Him more intimately.  And, to be ever and always in prayer!!

Friday, February 22, 2013


How can it be that March is already just about here?  How can it be that the first two months of 2013 are already history?  It seems like, in the quiet of the post-holiday weeks, I have been busy with all of my usual projects such as sewing, papercrafting, power walking, some photography, writing, trying to keep up with housecleaning and a myriad of other things that come with daily living.

I was in no hurry to take down all of my Christmas decorations and put them away.  I spent a lot of time putting them all up and just enjoyed them, so, what was the hurry?  None whatsoever!  So I took my time and was able to let the red of Christmas flow into some Valentine themed decorations.  I decorate my bathroom for Christmas but when it gets un-decorated I let it evolve into the colors I associate with winter, which are burgundy and deep hunter green.  I love those colors and I love to use them in my house!  

I believe in the presence of angels and I could relate some real-life stories to substantiate that but I won't do that here and now.  But I collect angels and have a wonderful variety of different ones.  Some of them "hang out" in my bathroom, pretty much year round.  They are in colors and themes that they can just blend in with the current color and theme.

My angels remind of the presence of God in my life and everything that He is to me . . . provision, grace, mercy, comfort, healer, defender, stronghold, shepherd, strengthener, encourager and LOVER OF MY SOUL!!  I'm thankful for my God and my Savior and look forward to seeing what blessings He has in store for me in 2013!

The roses are wooden ones my hubby carved from pricot wood, as are the leaves.  He attached to apple twigs and placed them in this vase he turned on his lathe.  They have been in my bathroom for several years and I think they are just beautiful!