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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Farmgirls . . . . Sisters! Friends!!! This picture is one from MaryJanes Farm and one of my very favorites. It just expresses the spirit of the heart of a Farmgirl. I have three sisters and two brothers and we grew up on a true, blue, work-hard-every-day farm. We drove tractors and while I don't think that all four of us girls were ever on the tractor together and most certainly not all six of us kids, this makes me think of my family and our farm.

It also reminds me of all the Farmgirl Connection farmgirl friends I have all across the country and how much I appreciate each one of them. I have had the wonderful privilege of meeting some of these farmgirls in person (and hugging their necks!) and I will have opportunities to meet more. But we have managed to build relationships through modern technology called "cyberspace" . . and we have managed to share the kindred spirit of a farmgirl. That spirit is one of caring, sharing, encouraging and having fun together!!!

I'm grateful for Farmgirls . . . Sisters . . . Friends!!!!

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