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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

for the love of a Kitty Cat!

Skye . . very exhausted, but happy to be home safe and sound! May 28, 2012

What is it about our pets, but for the purpose of this reflection, a soft, fuzzy, itty-bitty kitty cat that just makes us melt?   This is the face of my cat, Skye, a 17 year-old tortoise-shell feline friend who is sweet, friend, cuddly and has been reigning as the "queen of everything" in our house since she was about 10 months old.  This is also the face of Skye who had just found her way home, that very day of May 28, 2012,  after an adventure that caused us great concern . . she had gone missing for about 1 1/2 weeks!   We feared the worst and were ecstatic when she found her way home . . . very, very grubby with "ground in" dirt, all over; a bit thinner than she was; very weary and clearly glad to be HOME!!! 
 HOME!!!!   She has been doing well, eating normally, behaving in her usual manner and getting back to her normal kitty-cat life!
I know she is just a cat, but she is God's creation and I believe He gives us room in our hearts and lives for loving and caring for them, for making them part of our "family", for not wanting anything to happen to them.  
The odds for survival and getting back home, safe and sound, were actually heavily stacked against Skye but God performed a miracle for her . . for us . . and saw her safely home.  We are so grateful!  She's back to her usual "plastering" herself in my lap in the evening when I'm relaxing in front of the TV . . . she curls up, settles in and sleeps.   I'm glad!   I'm also glad she isn't very big so she's not so heavy on my chest.   Whatever adventure she went through required her to exercise her survival skills  . . . if she could only talk "people" so we could know all about it.

Picture taken in late March of the "queen" soaking up some sun

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