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Sunday, December 1, 2013

I NEED A "Middle C" . . .

 . . . but more than that, I need my YAHWEH!!

As a musician I know that the "middle C" pitch/key is basically the note on which others are built.  When determining proper pitch, you start with "middle C", and typically that is the first note that is taught/learned.  No matter what is "off key", out of sync, out nof rhythm, or just unwritten or unsung, "middle C" is the same, never changing.  I can count on it as a musician.

My "YAHWEH" is the GOD who is the "I AM" . . . unchanging, never moving, never wavering. Always loving, comforting, encouraging, healing, and is the total truth!  When my life seems off key, out of sync, out of rhythm or there are no words to describe it, I'm struggling with finding the "note" to sing and can't seem to get the "pitch" for the music of my life and my heart . . . I can go to and count on the "middle C" . . . MY YAHWEH!!!


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