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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Winter of 2015-2016 brought us major snow but it was about a month earlier than this January 2017.  For most of January we had warmer temperatures, snow every now and then of 3-4 inches and the rain in between.  This repeated itself over and over and it was WET, SOGGY, MUCKY and MUDDY!  

Then Friday night, January 20th it snowed about  four inches and then on Saturday the 21st proceeded to cover that up with another eight inches!  Things didn't change much for a couple of days except for a flurry or two and then on Tuesday the 24th it just kept snowing and snowing and laid down another approximate 12 inches.  Sooooooo, then the plows, brooms, shovels and tall boots had to come out.  I shoveled hundreds of pound of snow last week!  And with that insulating cover of snow, the ground hasn't frozen, so it's still soggy under there.  But we need the water for summer irrigation!!  I think I heard that our mountain snowpack is 135% of normal!!

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