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Saturday, April 3, 2010

SPRING in Colorado!!

We have a lot of chubby robins hopping around our yard these days. These little visitors were all fluffed up and hunkered down this past Thursday morning after one of our spring snows. There were more in that group that didn't get their sweet little faces in the picture.

With the coming of spring in Colorado, there is always a lot of uncertainty in the weather. We can have sunshine, snow, rain, sleet, wind . . and more all just a few hours. And, then it can repeat it all over again more than once in the day.

But, spring brings incredible reminders of hope and new life. We see the green grass starting to break through the soil. There are flowers poking their heads up towards the sun and sometimes through the latest little snowfall.

Driving through the farm country provides endless scenes of new lambs and calves frolicking around in the fields. And we are reminded that life goes on and it is precious!!!

I'm thankful for the reminders of new life and hope . . . and I'm thankful for the new life and hope that we have in our Lord Jesus Christ! The Easter season and Resurrection week celebrations are amazing reminders of the fact that we serve a RISEN and LIVING CHRIST!!!

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