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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thoughts on QUILTS

I was recently given the gift of the book "Quilts from Heaven" by Lucinda Secrest McDowell. It is a wonderful book on the "parables from the patchwork of life". This is an excerpt.
" Pieces of My Quilt"
If quilts could talk
I'd like to think I'd hear just what they'd say,
"I'll hold you close within my folds and wipe
your tears away. I'll keep you warm and give you strength to face another day,"
If quilts could talk . . .
If quilts would sing
I'd like to think I'd recognize each tune,
The lullaby or funeral dirge or wedding march in June.
Both sweet and haunting melodies I'd listen to them croon.
If quilts could sing . . .
If quilts could write
I'd like to think I'd read the words they'd pen
Of life and love and motherhood, of mystery without end.
And, oh, the drama they could share of everywhere they'd been.
If quilts could write . . .
If quilts could pray
I'd like to think I'd feel each heartfelt prayer
of thankfulness or grea concern for those within their care;
petitions to a loving God - the One who's always there.
If quilts could pray . . .
The quilt of my own life
Finds voice to talk, sing, write, and pray
As it weaves a hundred stories in its own eclectic way.
And with each stitch of grace and hope my legacy is built;
All fragments finally made a whole . . .
the pieces of my quilt."
The quilts in the picture are those that I now have, all gifts after our house fire in July 1994. Two of them came from the womens auxiliary units of two different local volunteer fire departments.
The others are from different rural community farmwives groups. I knew many of the ladies who hands had a part in making them . . . and they were work-worn, loving hands. I love these quilts and the ladies who made them!!!!!