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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Robin, Mary Jane, me and Megan
Precious daughters, Megan and Robin
Robin, my daughter, and I had the wonderful privilege of taking a three week road trip this summer.  We traveled in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah. 
Our final destination was MaryJanes Farm in Moscow, Idaho where we stayed at MaryJanes Outpost B&B for three nights.  On our second day there we enjoyed a Tea Party hosted by MaryJane, her daughter, Meg and other gals at the farm,  Kim, Rebekah, and Alicia.
It was such fun to share this time with farmgirls from Wisconsin, Missouri, Idaho, and Washington. (I'm from Colorado and my daughter is from Arizona)
It was such and honor to meet Mary Jane and for a few moments we "traded" daughters.  As you can see we had such fun and enjoyed each other so much.

I know that MJ and Meg are close and their relationship and friendship is priceless. 

I am so grateful for my daughter and the incredible friendship we have and that we can just have the best time doing things together, traveling, sharing a tent, laughing, stopping at Starbucks, hanging out . . .whatever.
It was the trip of a lifetime!  Time with my daughter!!!  I am blessed!!!

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