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Friday, March 2, 2012

Reflections on IRELAND

You can probably conclude from the name of the blogspot that I'm of Celtic ancestry.  Yes, I am . . Scottish and Irish!  I've traveled with my husband, on more than one occasion to the countries of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales.  There are many things in all countries that are very similar but there are many differences. My maiden name is "Gardner" which is considered to be an "occupational" name.  Yes, my dad was a farmer, an orchardman and "gardener" . . as was my mom.  So, I grew up with farm dirt, farm work and all that growing up on a farm means between my bare toes, under my fingernails, on my face and wherever farm dirt . . and work can be!
When I've traveled to these countries of my ancestry it just feels like I'm home!  We especially liked staying in the "Farm B&Bs" which were homes on working farms where they had extra bedrooms for paid guests and always provided breakfast as well.
I took my Valentine decorations down and, in one area of my house, there are things specifically related to St. Patrick's Day.  But on my table I like to set it as would be typical in an Irish tea room with lacy linens, lovely cloth napkins and wonderful china.  In every tea room (and some of the pubs) that we visited in Ireland . . and the other countries for that matter . . we found the tables to be set with these placemats which are corkboard with wonderful (generally) colorful pictures on them.  I bought this set of Irish Cottages placemats on one of our trips to Ireland and like to use them from time to time. 
Our trips to Ireland were such wonderful opportunities and I will always cherish the memories, the momentos and photographs we have.  Remembering the places we were able to visit, the people we met, the food we enjoyed and the great "craic"!   The music is indescribable!  The mist on my face so refreshing . . . and then a cup of hot tea!!!   I'm hoping to visit again . . I know where my passport is!

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