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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The CASE for the "TRAIN CASE"

These adorable little "box-like" pieces of luggage were first used around 1948 and are called "train cases" because they were used for train travel, basically for carrying toiletries.  But nowadays there are some of us girls who just can't wait to get our hands on one to "cutesify", and load up it with all kinds of paraphernalia.  That could include all the "girlie" things that we think we need or want.  It could be embroidery, knitting, crocheting or other needlecraft projects and supplies.  It could be books, other reading material and writing supplies. It could be papercrafting/scrapbooking goodies.  But then it could also be goodies for going "glamping" with your very best girlfriend(s).   This case was actually one that belonged to (believe it or not) my father-in-law.  I didn't even know it existed until I showed my hubby a picture on ebay of one that was EXACTLY like one that went with the 1966 version of Monarch luggage that was given to me by my parents as high school graduation gift.   He told me he had one like it (the one on ebay) sitting in his shop.  Well, it was this one pictured here and it's not the same.  However, it is in excellent condition.  It was buried under this 'n' that, covered with dirt and sawdust.  I told him I was taking it so I did, cleaned it up and removed the contents which were items my father-in-law had stored in it which included an automobile mount CB radio . . remember those?.   Also some 22 ammo, pair of his clip-on sunglasses, case for his electric shaver . . .etc.  Now it's mine . . ALL MINE!!!  It's clean and ready for my "girlie" stuff to go "glamping" with my best friend, my daughter Robin!   AND, I'm buying one from a farmgirl friend that my daughter and I may just "cutesify" together.  AND, I found another one that is in good condition but missing the mirror (but the only one with a tray)  and needing an "inside job" . . meaning work on the inside.  Add that to a "Christie Baggage" brand one I found last summer that has the mirror and beautiful quilted red lining. . . .
As I told my farmgirl friend, the reason they call them "train cases" is that you get your hands on as many of them as you can, clean and/or "cutesify" them line 'em up and you have a "train of cases". 

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  1. I love your train case. I'm on the hunt for one to use for another purpose. We used to have one that our family took camping every year. I still remember it being blue and it carried first aid, medical and other camping needs.