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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the indescribable gift of . . .

. . . the relationship I have with my daughter, Robin!  Not only is she my daughter, she is my best friend, pal and confidant.  We have had the exquisite privilege of traveling together, working together, doing projects together and just growing together in our close relationship.  This picture was taken March 16, 2012 after we "dressed up" to go out for supper while on our Farmgirls on the Loose "Tent-Glamping" trip last week.  Basically "tent-glamping" is camping "girl" and "glamour" style with lacy, pretty things, REAL tablecloths, cloth napkins, china, crystal . . etc.  We are standing in our "glamp-site" canopy which was a combination of our boudoir, parlor, pantry and kitchen.  We had a tent set up as well and . . . yes, it was "glamped" up with lacy curtains, decorator pillows, crocheted afghans and such.  What a wonderful time we had together!!   We have already planned our next "tent-glamping" trip in early July.   Thank you Lord, for Robin and for the relationship you have blessed us with!  What a treasure!!

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  1. You two are beautiful! Yes, it's a blessing to be best friends with your daughter. I have the same wonderful relationship with my daughters but I know not everyone does.