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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Our Creator just does the most amazing and beautiful things with green, flowering and growing things!  Even though I've known that about our God and Creator all my life I am still in ABSOLUTE AWE at the things He blesses my day with!   Now is the season for all the fruit trees to be blossoming and I'm surrounded by fruit orchards . . . cherries (sweet and sour), apricots, plums, peaches, pears and many, many varieties of apples.  I step outside and the sight is all around me and the fragrance on the air is heavenly!   But it is also the time when I see new green growth coming up in my flower beds which means I have to get out and start getting my "gardening" muscles back in shape after their winter rest.  There is a lot of work to be done to get the old plant/flower matter out so the green, fresh and new can blossom and grow.  The first flowers to show their gorgeous faces are these yellow irises, which I believe are a variety of German Bearded.  I have other yellow irises but they are different and come a bit later.  THANK YOU, DEAR GOD, FOR THE "CREATION CANVAS" YOU PAINT FOR ME . . FOR US!!!!

Blossoms on our cherry tree, which are sour/pie cherries

One variety, and the earliest, of yellow irises that grace my garden every spring

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  1. I spent some time today planting some mint, sage, and lemon balm a friend gave me. I'm hoping the deter the rabbits. I also planted cucumber and zucchini seeds in the garden. I know it's a bit early but it's been so warm I'm taking a chance. Last year I planted zucchini when the package said to and it didn't get fruit before the first frost.