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Thursday, April 19, 2012

STITCHING and CRAFTING "Surprise" Giveaway

I will post the winner tomorrow,
Tuesday, MAY 1st.  Thanks to all for "playing".  Enjoyed reading about all the fun things you're up to!

I'm going to give away some Stitching and Crafting goodies, but it will be a surprise package.   Possibilities are books, including recipe books, papercraft supplies, sewing notions, other craft supplies  - who knows what it will be.                                                          TO ENTER: please leave a comment here telling me if you went shopping for Stitching and Crafting supplies, what are TWO things (please just tell me TWO) that you would want to purchase.  DEADLINE to Enter is: APRIL 30th.


  1. Oh, oh, now you know I need these supplies CJ.
    So, I would buy some better glue as what I use now I do not think is very good at all and chicken embellishments of any kind as they sure are hard to find.
    Thanks CJ, nice of you to do the give a way, can not wait to see what the winner will get.

  2. WOW !! Great idea CJ !!! Oh...only 2.... I would have to say...Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens (MORE OF THEM) lol and Beading Books !!

  3. Who wouldn't love a suprise from you CJ??? I know I would! If I were to go shopping tomorrow I would most likely buy Fat Quarters (I dont quilt but the fabric comes in so handy for so many other things) and Ribbon. Those would be the first 2 things...but I sure could come up with a LONG list of others for you too! Thanks for the chance to win your suprise!

  4. OH may I enter too, please?? I would buy fabric and craftbooks. I can't find any good English craftbooks here unfortunately...they are ALL in Thai lol.And I can't read;)

    Many hugs from Marian/dutchy on MJF

  5. I'd love to enter! I think I would really love to buy a quilting frame-I do a lot of hand quilting and it seems like it would be a lot easier on a frame. Then, I think I would buy the "London Market" line of scrapbooking papers, stickers, etc. and another "Smash" book and put together a record of all my favorite things (kind of like an inspiration book-scrapbook style!)

    Sending hugs from Farm Girl "SpyChicken"

  6. Wow - it's hard to pick just 2! I guess I'd have to say yarn and scrapbooking embellishments!

    Luanne (beekeepersgirl)

  7. If I drove to the craft store today, I'd buy embroidery flosses in a variety of colors for my knitting basket Christmas ornaments, and I would buy orange #10 cotton thread....just two items that are on my "wish list" right now.

  8. Oh my so many to choose from but if I could only choose two...It would be yarn and fabric....thank you for the chance at the the blog too.

    So excited about your giveaway. Can't wait to see what you came up with.
    Lets see a craft store---embroidery transfers, kitchen towels.
    Nancy Jo

  10. If I were to drive to a craft store today(silly girl, I am driving to a craft store today)I would buy xyron refills for ATC's and Clear glue. But I could use permanent markers in pastel colors, and lace or fabric doodads.

  11. Only 2 things? aacck!
    #1 Tacky Glue
    #2 why Spray paint... ofcource!
    (if it moves...salute it... if it don't {spray} paint it! "
    Wagons HO!

  12. I would buy fabric and probably thread. I would love to enter your giveaway...I like the fact that it is a surprise...Thanks

  13. It just so happens I'm heading out for some supplies today. I need some perle cotton thread and webbing for making bag handles.

  14. A reusable bag for dd to design on and a model kit for ds to

  15. I would get some sand-free grout mix to make chalkboard paint and a bunch of clothespins :)

  16. CJ,

    I would buy fabric and buttons.!


    Anna Pearls Attic

  17. Hi CJ. This is a neat site! I would love to buy embossing powder and embossing fluid to use on the cards I make and I would like emblellishments like sparkling stick ons and vellum, and designer type card stock and paper. Also ultra fine glitters of all colors.
    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!
    Have a good day!

  18. I would buy mod podge and watercolors since we seem to use those up fastest at my house.

    Thanks for the opportunity in the giveaway!


  19. CJ, only two?? I need so many. :-) I know that I would get a set of Prismacolor pencils and a book on how to crochet!!
    Mary Beth

  20. Hi CJ.. I have been shopping recently and bought lots of bright fat quarters for a fun quilt for my sister in law ... and a whole scrapbook album and lots of paper for my daughter in law who is expecting in July. They always say to follow the money.. mine is at the quilt and scrapbooking stores !! LOL. Thanks
    Mary Madelena
    FG 3153