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Monday, April 16, 2012

Farmgirl "KINDRED" Spirit

Marilyn, Debbie, Sharon and CJ at "The Farm"
There is nothing like the kindred spirit that draws us together.  The spirit that speaks of friendship, fun, farmgirl-ish lifestyle, laughter and a heart!   I had the extraordinary privilege of spending time with my farmgirl friends last week.  We had the best time!   We met for lunch and wore our aprons . . . and sharing lunch, laughter and love.  My friends, Marilyn and Debbie, visited for a couple days from the Colorado Springs area.  My friend, Sharon, lives here and I get to see her frequently  . . . which is such an honor.  I'm SOOOOOOOOO grateful for these friends and the time we share together!!! 
Marilyn, CJ and Debbie and Branble


  1. Aren't we all just the cutest?!!!!!!!
    We had a terrific time as well CJ, and you are right meeting farmgirls are the greatest blessings.

  2. I can't say i have EVER seen a finer bunch of hens in pretty aprons in my life all look beautiful!!!!! Michele'