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Sunday, February 12, 2012


The embroidered "bird" pillow is made from a cover made by Farmgirl Miss Wilma and gifted to me as a RAOK gift by Laurie.  I finished making it into a pillow.  The little pillow is a hooked piece I found at a thrift store for a few pennies, finished it with piping and garnet red corduroy backing, polyfill and have a cute little pillow for my living room  . . and to take "glamping".

Yes, love IS spoken here!  First of all, is the love we have for our God and Savior and for the Gift HE has given us in LIFE!!!   HE is our Provider, Shepherd, Comforter, Healer, Encourager, Redeemer and Loving Father!  
We love our family!  Another gift we have been given by the Heavenly Father is our earthly family.  And, we are blessed with a bunch of folks that are funny, quirky, annoying, unique and altogether lovely!  FAMILY!!!  The most important relationships we have on this earth.
We love our neighbors!  God has gifted us with neighbors, in our rural farming area, that are the BEST neighbors.  I can't think of any that are really annoying or irritating either.  We take turns taking care of animals and propery for each other, we share in needs, heartaches, fun times and laughter!
We love our friends!  Another heavenly gift are those we count as those who have similiar interests, kindred spirits on some level and are those who generally take us as we come!

Love comes in many "colors" and "flavors" but love is still that which we give without strings attached, without expecting anything in return.  It is the language of the HEART!  Our physical hearts are what keep us alive!  Our "love" hearts are what keep us going in the matters that matter, what keep us sane and moving through life, giving us everything we need to weather the storms, manage the obstacles and come out with our spirits, attitudes and our "love" hearts still ticking!


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