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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Teeny, Tiny FARMGIRL

Now, isn't this just the cutest little farmgirl!   This is an ATC made special for me by a gal in an ATC swap group through Yahoo.   She looked at my "likes" and incorporated so many of them into the same tiny, little piece of art.  She told me that she got the "farmgirl", "flowers", "country" and suggests "apron" in the apple strip for an example of fabric one would make an apron out of . . . all in the same interpretation.  I was just tickled all shades of pink when I got this in the mail!  Not only is it cute but it DOES fit me so well and I was just so impressed with Jeri's attention to doing something that incorporated so many of my choices.

I am reminded of the unique characteristics that our Creator has given us to make us who we are, to create our personalities.  And how He has gifted us so lovingly and carefully with talents, skills and gifts . . . unique to us as His individual children.  What a Heavenly Father we have!!!

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