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Friday, February 3, 2012


A "RAOK" gift to me by my special friend, Debbie

What a different world we would live in if we all, or certainly more of us, regularly practiced this business of "Random Acts of Kindness".   I think the most important part of this is KINDNESS.   Just giving and sharing in a manner that makes someone feel cared for, loved and appreciated.  No strings attached.  No questions asked.  No motives questioned.

The second most important aspect is RANDOM . . . whenever, whatever, and to whomever.  No particular rhyme or reason, no schedule, no assignments . . . just because that "is what I want to do now" and that "is the person I want to share this with".

I am finding such joy and pleasure in practicing random acts of kindness more and more.  I sometimes call it "surprised by joy".  And that just makes my day!!  Recently, while on one of my  many thrift store forays I found a partially embroidered piece that would make a great framed wall hanging or pillow top or something similiar.   Because of the nature of the piece and what I know about a certain friend, my immediate "joy" was twofold; 1) the piece was GORGEOUS, and 2) I knew just who to give it to.  She told me she was delighted to receive it and rarin' to go on finishing the embroidery on it.

I've read, heard and been told many times and many years ago that the best way to get yourself out of the doldrums or a depressed state is to focus on someone else.  It could be just being there for someone who is struggling or it could be an active pursuit of  a "Random Act of Kindness".  I am always humbled, touched and ministered to when I am the recipient!  The thought of someone thinking of me . . . of sharing with me . . . of sending me something that will just make me smile!

I have MaryJane Butters' 2012 calendar on my wall and I have seen that February 17th is noted to be "Random Act of Kindness" Day.   I'm encouraging my farmgirl friends to look around and see who needs to be remembered on this day.  I certainly have plans for sharing with some friends that I hope  are just "surprised by joy".  Who will join me??

"Mr. Teddy" and his big heart just remind me of  the beauty of "Random Acts of Kindness"


  1. Thank you so much for the reminder, CJ! It's so easy to focus only on our own lives. Truly the giver is blessed in the search for a recipient as well as the act of giving.


  2. Great idea, thanks CJ!
    Catherine :)

  3. I am not on the ROAK at MJF's forum, but have sent out a few just because. So far, the recipients have been very delighted.