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Friday, February 24, 2012

for the LOVE of a DOG

My sweet friend, Bramble, is snoozing all cozy and warm in her "necklace" made for her by our friend, Sharon. (It really is loose, even though it looks like it's not . . her hair is doing funny stuff!)   If you read older posts you know Bramble has recently had surgery on her leg and she is all healed up, back to her normal "cow chores" and power walks with me. She is such a pal and companion. I just appreciate her personality and companionship so much!!!
We have always had dogs and cats as pets and they just add so much to our lives. The dog we had before Bramble was a male American Pointer. His name was Rocky and he was 14 years old when someone driving up our road just stopped and dog-napped him from the side of the road. He had been my pal and power walk companion and was a great dog. He grew old here and we believed he would probably not make it through the rest of the winter. But on my birthday someone took him and I never saw him again. We did everything we could to find him and put the word out in two counties. It just broke my heart and took me several months to process and be able to "let him go" and start looking for another doggie friend.
We have had several dogs just disappear and that is so hard to deal with. We have had some hit by passing cars and while the loss is hard, at least we know what happened to them.
Our canine friends are such a gift and a blessing in our lives and I'm so thankful for the gifts the Lord give us in them. And, our sweet Bramble is our current "gift and blessing" . . . and very spoiled. Thank you Lord for our Bramble!

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