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Monday, January 30, 2012


My hubby has brought me many single roses over the years since we started courting and on our last anniversary on December 28, 2011, which was our 43rd,  he brought me another one.  Red.  Stunning. Gorgeous.
It was not fully opened and he put it in a bud vase on the counter by my laptop on December 27th.  Over the course of a few days it gradually opened up more and more displaying its glorious beauty.  You can see pictures of it then in a post further down titled "Anniversary Rose".
It's rare that the roses I've been given don't bend their head over and become "sad" looking, sometimes before they fully open.  This one didn't do that.  It stood there, tall, straight, and proud, just growing more and more beautiful each day.  I watched it every day as I could see it just above the screen on my laptop and I observed the process.
Then I noticed it starting to turn a deeper shade of red and in a slow, graceful process it kept turning color and the petals gradually drying until it was a deep, rich, burgundy red.  Still fully open and still tall, straight and proud.  I was just amazed at the transformation and decided to preserve it with spray finish and sealer and it now graces the decor of my bathroom.
This process has reminded me of the "graceful aging" of our marriage and how it has grown richer, deeper  . . . and tall, straight and proud.  We are still in love and we are still best friends!  God brought us together, gave us guidance over the years through the struggles, gave us two gorgeous children and has blessed us immensely with the "beauty of graceful aging".

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