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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tree Lit from the VERY TOP!!

Our "Miracle Tree", the Colorado Blue Spruce that is at the end of our driveway and about 30 feet tall had to have it's tippy-top pruned off  because it was a tad bit close to the power lines.  We asked the tree company guys to be GENTLE, CAREFUL and THOUGHTFUL . . . because of the history of this stunningly beautiful tree's survival of our terrible fire in July 1994.
I watched them carefully trim off the top . . . and was glad they were careful, but it still made me a bit teary eyed.  As my  hubby says, "that tree was hard won".   I went out and asked them for the top and decided it would make a perfect little Christmas tree out on our deck.  The end was just perfect to fit in the hole (for a patio unbrella) in the middle of our metal patio table.  I strung on some mini lights and topped it with a good Scottish tartan plaid bow . . . and we have our little blue spruce Christmas tree . . . all lit up from the top!!!  Another way to enjoy a bit of our "Miracle Tree"!!

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