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Monday, December 19, 2011

The "COMFORT and JOY" of homemade bread

My mom was a farmwife, farmmom and the best cook ever and that included her mastery of homemade bread.  She taught me everything I know about making bread and it is such a pleasure to engage in, what is now, an indulgence.  When our children were still at home I made all of our bread, as well as other baked goods.  After we became "empty nesters" and I was working more than one job, my hubby became the cook in the house.  So, my breadmaking basically went by the wayside.  It is now becoming one of MY holiday traditions . . to set aside days to bake and that includes my favorite yeast breads.  I made several loaves and put them in the freezer to enjoy long after the holidays are over.  I don't have a bread machine and have never used one.  I'm not against their use, I just don't make bread often any more.  However, I actually enjoy kneading bread . . . it is therapeutic for me!  It is an activity that allows me to remember my mom, my life as a "farm kid', gives me opportunity to express gratitude to the Lord for His grace, mercy, comfort, strength, provision and love.
It is truly a COMFORT to me to make bread, taking in the aroma of the yeast and the baking smells, hearing that "hollow" sound with a thump that tells me the bread is done, rubbing a little butter on the hot tops.

The JOY is in slicing of the "heel" . . end piece while it is still warm and savoring it with butter and, sometimes, local honey.  I enjoy homemmade bread anytime . . but for me, the JOY is that very first, heel slice fresh out of the oven!   My family knows that that piece is MINE!!!   Better not try to steal it from me!!

Honey Whole Wheat bread, fresh and cooling on the rack!

Getting my "therapy" by kneading the Oatmeal Molasses bread.  That "heel" piece was just heavenly!

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