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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Sleigh-ing we will go

Someday I'm going to go for a honest-to-goodness sleigh ride.  Seems like our winters of late have been rather sparse of snow, except for the last couple.  We were in Arizona for the Christmas holidays the last two years which put a crimp in any style for a sleigh ride.  We have gone cross-country skiing at night in the moonlight and while it is cold, we stay active enough and aren't out terribly long.  There is something about that crisp, clear, snowy, moonlit venue that is invigorating and refreshing . . .and not just because of the cold.  It's quiet and you can really reflect on that nocturnal beauty.

I have a few sleighs for decorating my house for Christmas and I'd like to share a few pictures of them here. I love to decorate my house all over and that includes the bathroom.  It's just so fun for me to "deck the halls" of my house!

A vintage gold colored metal sleigh with green metal holly leaves and red bells as the berries.  I've filled it with vintage glass ball ornaments, placed in on top of a vintage-look Christmas box.  It sits on my dining table with some other items.

This sweet little white sleigh sits in my bathroom on the "towel table" and is graced with vintage hankies and an angel.  There are Christmas towels, other vintage hankies and angels here as well

Another cute little red sleigh on the counter in my bathroom, enhanced with silk decorations, vintage hankie and linens, including doilies, a sweet crochet angel.  And there are other Christmas decoration items here as well.

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