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Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Claus . . and Snowmen

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!   I have such a fun time decorating my house and planning festivities to celebrate the season.   In my heart I KNOW . . and BELIEVE . . that "JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON".  That reason and that reason alone are what it is ALL about!  HALLULEJAH!  WHAT A SAVIOR!!!!

I enjoy the other parts of Christmas just for the fun and joy of it.  In my Christmas boxes, bins and tins are lots of decoration items.  Boy!  I have a vast array of fun things.  I have enjoyed collecting Santa Claus figures over the years.  They range from a tiny Santa doing handstands, or one barrelling down the slopes on skis to a tall Santa dressed as a woodsman with a toggle button jacket and burlap gift sack.  I just enjoy looking at all the different features of each one.
This is just a FEW of my Santas . . I just love the blue one on the left.

I also have a wonderful and delightful collection of snowmen figures.  They range from a miniscule clay snowman covered with a glittery finish to a tall resin snowman holding garden implements.  There are soft sculptures, metal, wood, clay . . . all kinds.  I even have "Irish Snow People" which includes one with sheer green angel wings and another wearing a green Irish cloak. This pair was made for us by a fellow traveler on a tour in Ireland several years ago.  Again, I just enjoy handling them, looking at the faces, admiring the different features.   My snowman collection stays out through January!!

Just a couple of my snowy friends.  I display my snowmen on this snow/snowman themed mini-quilt that I made.

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