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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Anyone up for going SKATING!!

It's Christmas!  It's cold and frosty . . . the farm pond should be frozen enough for ice skating, I would think!  We could have such fun out there swirling and twirling around . . . falling down, getting back up, skating in pairs or ice dancing. 
Then we could come back to the house, get close to the firepit and the toasty warm and cozy fire while we sip hot chocolate, coffee, tea, cappuccino and/ or cider.  I've made lots of Christmas cookies . . or we could pop some popcorn, even make 'smores over the fire.

We could laugh, share in the joy of one another's company and we could sing Christmas carols!  We could sing loud and clear . . . raising our voices to the starry skies and the heavens!   Then we can tumble in the house, shed our outerwear, put on our Christmas jammies and slippers . . . laugh and sing some more!   What a glorious night we could celebrate!   "O HOLY NIGHT"! 

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