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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and other Celebrations

December is a very busy month for this family with all kinds of celebrations.  While my parents, Gaylord and Evelyn Gardner, are now in heaven I still remember their anniversary which is December 7th. They were married in 1933 in Belen, New Mexico, my dad would have just turned 20 and my mom still 19.

December 12th is our son, Jeremy's, birthday and this year he turned 38.  He was born a bit before his estimated due date but that had nothing to do with him being born with Down Syndrome.  He has been a true gift to this family!!!

December 17th is my birthday and since it was on a Saturday this year and I had opportunity to do so, I just took myself and my little canine friend, Bramble, and went putzing and poking around.  Stopped in my favorite shops, had lunch at "The Farm Bistro", took a couple walks in the park (weather unseasonably warm). Then picked Bill up and we had a yummy pizza at Dolores River Brewery . . and shared a lovely dessert made by Angie.

December 19th is my in-laws wedding anniversary. My father-in-law, Sam, is in heaven, having gone home in August of 2007.  My mother-in-law, Caroline is living and well in an assisted living home in Tucson, Arizona.  I still think of them and their years together . . . and we miss Sam a lot!

Of course, DECEMBER 25th is Christmas and the reminder of the birth of our LORD and SAVIOR!!! What a birthday to remember and celebrate.!!!!  HALLELUJAH, WHAT A SAVIOR!!

December 28th is our (Bill and me) wedding anniversary.  This year we celebrated 43 years.  Our daughter, Robin was home and I got up and made a yummy, more-elaborate-than-usual breakfast for everyone.  Robin cooked us a yummy and fun "Diner Dinner" that evening.  I'm thankful for Bill!!

December 31st is our daughter and son-in-law's, Robin and Jim, wedding anniversary.  They celebrated 7 years.  Robin was driving back home on the day while Jim was at home in Glendale . . . well, actually he was doing a 20 mile training run for a marathon.  So, I believe it was dinner together after Robin got home and Jim was back too.

So, December is past, 2011 is also past and we start a new month and a new year, 2012.  I know that the Lord has many more opportunities in store for us in this new year!!!!

Jeremy and Robin . . . our beautiful children, who are now adults

Our "Birthday Girls" Birthday Lunch.  Robin (her birthday was October 9th) me, our friend and neighbor, Lynne Beck (her birthday is December 27th) and another farmgirl friend, Sharon Demers (her birthday is also December 17th)  We got together to celebrate on Thursday, December 29th at Fiesta Mexicana in Cortez

Well, ya' gotta be able to goof around once in a while!

Bill and me . . . 43 years married!

And, then we added our doggie friend, Bramble . . . she's such a sweetie

Robin and I are both "alumni" of Montezuma-Cortez High School in Cortez.  We both attended all 4 years there, I graduated in 1966, she graduated in 1990.   We found these t-shirts this past week and decided we needed them.  I then found my "M" letter from when I was in high school.  It's for students in the music program and it has all four bars on it.  It actually survived our fire in 1994 . . . was filthy dirty with soot (carefully cleaned it) and the upper right corner of the "M" shows some evidence of burn.  Robin thinks I need to frame it in a shadow box . . . I probably will.

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