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Friday, January 13, 2012

"Mr. Teddy" and I are going GLAMPING!!

     What is "glamping" you ask?  Well  it is "girl" camping, it is "glamour" camping . . it is a combination of both.  Many glamping friends that I know have "glampers" which are typically camper trailers that they have made into their own little havens of camping  paradise.  They have been refurbished, restored, revamped and redecorated.  I don't have the privilege of owning my own "glamper" . . . yet.  But I know I can do it with a tent and a canopy.   So I've been collecting all sorts of lovelies for making our tent and canopy into a glamourous girl hangout!   The only "guy" who has been invited is "Mr. Teddy" and that's because he has been so faithful and diligent in keep watching over me.  He is an antique bear I rescued from the "Bargain Basement" section of an antique mall and he was so grateful to come live at my house.  He sits in my bedroom and keeps an eye on things.  So, he and my faithful doggie friend, Bramble, and I are meeting my daughter . . . who is my traveling companion, partner in crime and best friend . . . in March near her home in Phoenix, Arizona for some tent-glamping time!!!   Gonna pack these suitcases with my stuff, load up my car and head that way. 
     I'm SOOOOOO thankful for my daughter and the relationship we have and I'm looking forward to this time with her!!! 

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