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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The story . . . according to BRAMBLE

Boy! It had been a rough day and I was feeling like I'd been pulled through a knothole backwards!!  But, even in my morphine induced stupor I recognized my mom's voice, hallelujah!  (My mom is CJ . .the barefoot farmgirl from southwest Colorado).  Whoa!  Slow down!  Just put one foot in front of the other . . . I'm so glad to see you mom!  Why are there two of you?  I only remember one.  Whew!! Home??  I'm going home??  Oh my goodness, home!!

My mom and I just love each other so much!!!

Home. Dad. Cat. Comfort. Security. Thank you Lord!   I was home and after a while the haze started to lift and I could actually see that I had only one mom . . the ONE I knew and loved!  I could walk straight and make my tail wag and I'm glad I'm home!  A little snack and a lot of love and the cozy warmth of home!

Jeremy comes to visit on Sunday, here we are having a conversation and I'm getting some lovin' from him!

Now, three days later I'm doing really good!  My mom puts an old sock over the dressing on my leg so that I can go outside for "business trips",  to walk about a bit, feel the breeze (brrrr!), feel the sunshine and sniff!  Boy, do I love sniffing things!!   I can do everything that I was doing EXCEPT go on my long power walks with my mom!  Man, oh man!  She has to leave me behind and I just hate it!  She told me she misses me sooooooo much, but when I'm healed up better I can go again.   I know what she's doing when she sneaks her sunglasses into her pocket and sneaks her walking shoes and jacket outside to put them on.  I KNOW!!!   I have to stay in the house and watch . . . wait . . . whimper . . . worry and do all of that all over again and again until she comes back.  Well, good grief, she's gone on 4-5 miles walks . . . that's a lot of watching, waiting, whimpering and worrying!!!  When she comes home I'm sooooooooo excited to see her, so relieved she's back and I let her know.  We have the best "love on each other" fest!  Then I have to keep an eye on her, so I watch her every move, follow her around the house, get worried if she heads for the door . . . mercy me!   Mom!!!!!

I have one of mom's old socks on my right front leg to protect my bandage and leg

And, then there's the medicine!  Well, I'm being a good girl and I take it.  Mom is pretty good at hiding it in food in such a manner that I don't have to actually taste it . . bleah!  I know I have to take it so I heal up good and can get back to my normal life.    Saturday morning I got to go to town with mom in the car . . that was easy.  I love looking out the window and then snoozing in the sun in the backseat while she's in the store.  But I got a special treat when she went through the drive-in window at the Silver Bean Coffee stop  . . . they give me doggie treats!  Wowie!  Zowie!   Yup . . I got one!

I'm doing good!!   Thank you, Lord!

Anyway, I'm doing good!  Have to take extra care and "lay low" until I see Amanda (my lady vet friend) on February 7th.  Then I get to say "HI" to all the girls there . .  (YIPPIE!!! I love the girls there!) and get the stitches out and this bandage off . . . ahhhh!  That will be SOOOOOO nice!!!

THANK YOU to all of you, my friends . . and my mom's . . for praying for me, for caring for me . . and my mom!   You are all so appreciated and so special!  I wish I could meet all of you and smile for you and wag my tail!  I'm very friendly, loveable and awfully cute!   And I like people, especially nice ones!!!  THANK YOU!!!   My mom says to tell you that too!!!!  We sure love you!!!

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  1. Alright Bramble you and your Mom have me laughing and crying all at once. What a wonderful story of your past few days, glad you are doing better. Good picture of you and your mom and other family members are to each other. I can not wait to meet you in April, and I will have lots of Fig Cookies and Treats for you. Until then take care Bramble do what Mom says and tell her to give you a big hug from me.
    Auntie Debbie