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Friday, January 27, 2012

You Light Up My Life

I'm always looking for creative projects that strike my fancy, aren't impossible or expensive to do and suit my style.   I'm putting together gear and accessories for "Glamping" . . . glamor/girl camping with my daughter and we'll be doing it in a tent and an EZ-Up canopy.  I've collected all kinds of linens, including lady curtains, sheets, doilies, tablecloths . . . much of it vintage.  Also a collection of throw rugs to throw down to make it even more comfy.

A single shade on a wineglass with a tealight is another fun thing. NOTE: the entire circle bottom of the cup will need to be cut out or the tealight won't stay lit and the cup bottom will melt.  The LED tealights could be used instead.

And, thought this project would be a fun, creative addition to our "glamp-site" (depending on it having electrical service).  So, I made this garland with a 20-light strand of  mini-lights, plastic solo cups, fabric and Mod Podge.    A very fun project and now I'm thinking about making one that is just a variety of polka dot prints and one that is just Western prints.

Light!  What a positive influence in my life!


  1. I really like this idea, CJ!
    Thanks for the inspiration :) .