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Monday, January 9, 2012


Bill and I were both sophomores at Arizona Bible College in Phoenix, Arizona.  I had transferred there that year from another college, so it was new to me.  Our first date was to the Arizona State Fair in the Fall of 1967.  Neither of us had a car and we started going on our dates on Bill's roommate's Honda 90 motorbike.  So, we buzzed around on that . . I came back to the dorm with windblown beehive hair . . you have to remember that highly teased and sprayed hair was the "thing" in those days.  Bill also let me wear his uncle's Army jacket, so you can imagine the sight I was.  

By Christmas we knew we loved each other and wanted to get married.  We went shopping for an engagement ring and submitted our request to announce our engagement to the administration of the college.  Yes, it was required and they had to know our parents had been informed and were in consent. We were both still under the age of 21.   We officially announced our engagement at the college Sweetheart Banquet in February 1968. 

We were married on December 28, 1968 in my home church, First Baptist Church in Cortez, Colorado.  We had to drive through an absolute blizzard from Phoenix to my home here in southwest Colorado and, what was normally an 8 hour drive took 14 hours!  All of my siblings, their spouses and children were present, as were Bill's family members from Arizona.  My oldest sister made my dress and the dresses for my bridesmaid.  I wore white velvet trimmed with rabbit's fur, they wore hunter green velveteen.  Flowers were red roses, white mums and baby's breath.  We had a very short honeymoon in Flagstaff and were back to school and jobs soon thereafter.

Our daughter, Robin, was born in October 1971 and our son, Jeremy was born in December 1973, both in Phoenix, Arizona.  We lived there until the spring of 1974, moved to Tucson (where Bill's parents lived) until the summer of 1976 and then moved back to Colorado where we have lived since.

Like any marriage we've had our struggles, difficulties and hard times, but we made a commitment and, because we believe our marriage was ordained by God, we worked to let Him be in control. So, here we are, starting on our 44th year together . . . we love each other in a way we didn't know could or would be.  We've learned a tremendous amount about each other which includes that we are individuals who contribute to the marriage relationship.  Most importantly, God is the center of our lives and our marriage . . . and we know how to let go of stuff that doesn't matter and laugh a lot!
Thank you, Lord, for Bill and for our children . . and for giving us this marriage!

 Bill bought me a single red ros which, on 01/09/12, is still standing tall, elegant and beautiful
This was one of the most fragrant roses I've ever been given.  Can you smell it?

Thank you, Bill, for this gorgeous rose!

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